4 Ways to Build Your Personal Branding

Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others. And most of us right now are trying to market ourselves to recruiters and even future employer. Facebook ,Twitter or other social media networks are no longer a tool that just connect us with friends, instead we also seek opportunity through social media networks.

You can begin on building your personal branding on social media by building relationship with others, and finding professional sources in the field that you are interested in. People learn around you through the social media profile and the image you put on your profile will transfer from the online profile to your person. You create a first impression for the world to see even before you know it.

Your personal branding starts with this TODAY!

1) LinkedIn

It is your first step to build your professional profile. Your profile is your electric resumes that can be view by recruiters or potential employers. You can add your work experiences, expertise, awards and honors to your profile. Join LinkedIn groups that match your profession, expertise and interest.  This social network will enable people to see your professional side.

2) Twitter

A mircoblogging where you can share links to interesting content and short insights on topics that demonstrate your expertise and professional knowledge. The 160 characters twitter bio is your “elevator pitch”, practice how you can describe yourself in a professional manner.

 3) Facebook

This platform ffers the most potential professional pitfalls. Because you have little control over the posts, photos, links and likes that you show on facebook. If there are pictures or posts that you don’t want everyone to see it, make sure your keep them private. While twitter and LinkedIn show your professional sides, facebook is the place where you show your social side in an appropriate manner.

4) WordPress

 Start blogging today!  Show your creativity, insights and get people to follow you.

 Remember to market yourselves well!

 For more details on building your personal branding read more here: http://h30565.www3.hp.com/t5/Feature-Articles/Improving-Your-Personal-Brand-with-Social-Networking/ba-p/8106

Editor: Jennie Mei


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