Ask Yourself–How Am I Going to Stand Out?

With the countless options of online tools to get your name out there, it can be overwhelming when it comes time to choose which one to use and what you will actually be putting out for everyone to see.  How much should they know about you?

You should be using as many forms of social media as possible but the key is to not get your name lost among the millions of others.  You need to look at what you can offer that makes you stand out.  What do you specialize in? What characteristics do you have that will make someone choose and trust you?  You want the potential customer to feel comfortable working with you.  There is no need to publish the up and downs of your life but to brand yourself you have to share who you are to connect with people simply using your words.  Why did you start your company? Explain what the inspiration was that brought you to this moment in your professional career.  What drives you in business?  Talk about the goals you have set for yourself, what you hope you and your company will become.  What is it that you want for your customer?  They want to know that while you have big goals for your business, the goals you have for you customers are much bigger.  It is important that you ask yourself key questions to realize what you have and what you might be lacking.

You do not want people wondering why they should work with you—you want them to know they should.  No questions asked.


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