How to Engage a Fan Base

Alright, you’ve been listening to or playing music your whole life and, despite what your parents said about that damned stereo, you want to incorporate it into your adult life (me too!). Good job, but now what? The warnings of the music industry are real, whether you’re a part-time performer or owner of a concert hall. Come all this way for nothing? Not on my watch. Here are some tips to raising awareness of and involvement in your musical efforts in the local community.

How many times have you thought, “Shoot, I wish I’d known that great band was coming to town last week, I TOTALLY would have gone”? Let’s work on minimizing that with a couple ideas. Have an event coming up? Get the artist to do an interview a few weeks prior to promote the event (even if that artist is you) in the area. Twitter and other social media are great, FREE tools for promoting this content. That being said, post frequently yet effectively. Too many artists, venues, and labels either post too often or not often enough. Avoid inconsequential posts but offer enough content to engage readers. Feel out your audience but, from experience, multiple posts per day may make fans tune you out. Next event still far off? Record a live session and make a release date for that (fans love release dates). Better yet, incentivize social activity or merchandise sales with pre-release access to gain goodwill for your band. For a venue or label, the same rules apply to featured artists, sponsored gear, or interviews with DJs, bands, etc. You are a creative person, flaunt this asset both on and off the stage to develop your fan base, and keep playing!


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