CLUB MEETINGS, MONDAYS                                                         7:00 PM in Business Building 151

January 28th                    Wednesday  – DLC Event at 9 PM
February 4th                    Wednesday – Ruby Tuesday’s Fundraiser
February 5th                      Thursday  – Ruby Tuesday’s Fundraiser
February 10th                   Tuesday – Informational at 7:30 PM with Deirdre Sweeney
February 12th                   Thursday –  Job and Internship Fair in SEFCU Arena
February 17th                   Tuesday – Shark Tank Workshop
February 21st                   Saturday – Food Bank Community Service 1-3 PM
February 24th                  Tuesday – Bowling Social Event at 8:30
 March 3rd                         Tuesday      – Professional from Northwestern Mutual
March 12th                       Thursday – Denny’s Fundraiser
March 24th                         Tuesday – Professional from PwC
March 25th                     Wednesday – Dave and Busters Social
March 29th                       SundayMarch 31st                       Tuesday – Capital Mission Community Service 3:30-5:30 PM- Trampoline Social (Collin’s Circle at 7 PM)
April 8th                         Wednesday – DLC Mock Interview (School of Business 6-8 PM)
April 11th                          Saturday – Food Bank Community Service 1-3 PM
April 13th                          MondayApril 14th                        Tuesday

April 17th                           Friday                     

April 21st                                   Tuesday

April 25th                          Saturday

April 28th                          Tuesday

– Bake Sale (Campus Center from 11- 4PM)- Trivia Night

– Habitat for Humanity Service 9 AM-3:30 PM

– Guest Speaker Presentation

– Relay for Life at 3 PM

– Last Meeting – Pizza Party



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