Why Join Us?

Welcome to the University at Albany Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association!


Our mission is to provide students with experiences that will allow them to grow academically as well as professionally in the real world.

We  strive to be a learning organization where we can enhance our members’ educational, professional, and social experience through the application of marketing skills and exposure to a vast array of opportunities that lie beyond the classroom.


Our recruitment/candidacy process starts after the UAlbany Block Party each year, which is designed to raise awareness of all the different student organizations. We will then hold an informational to give prospective members the chance to understand what we do and who we are.

AMA can be broken down into 3 sectors: Professional, Community Service, and Social.

Professional Development

Providing various workshops as well as having guest speakers to not only provide lessons for members, but allow them to understand what the workforce is like after college. Our club enhances our members knowledge on what to say during an interview, knowing the right questions to ask, how an ideal resume should look, and how to dress for professional occasions. These are only a few things that our members have learned.

Community Service

We work with many different organizations to provide a  variety of events that members can volunteer at and help the community with. This gives members a different perspective on the world and enhances their communication skills.

Social Events

AMA provides events that allow the members to get to know the club on a more social level. These events allow members to bond and become more of a family outside of the classroom. We provide these events for the sole purpose of building an aspect of team orientation.We want members to realize that our club is not all about strict business but we all like to have fun!


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